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Complete Mobile offers professional sales and installation of vehicle upgrades in Scarborough, ME, including audio, security, rear seat entertainment, safety cameras, GPS navigation, radar detection and much more. When it is time to take your car, truck, SUV, classic or custom to the next level, be sure to visit our highly skilled, friendly team of mobile customization technicians. We will listen to your wildest dreams for your ride, and make them come true! We offer the latest in vehicle safety, security and entertainment technology for all makes and models. When you visit Complete Mobile you will be blown away at our selection of mobile audio, car security systems, entertainment options and other products that can turn any vehicle into a one-of-a-kind showpiece. To learn more about our Scarborough custom car audio and entertainment shop stop by Complete Mobile or give us a call to talk about the goals you have for your ride, and we will help you achieve them.
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If you’re looking for custom car audio in Scarborough, Portland, South Portland Westbrook or the neighboring Maine communities, you’ve come to the right place. Complete Mobile offers car customization that allows you to do more than hear the music you are surrounded by, you can finally listen to it in depth. Feel the bass lines, hear the lyrics loud and clear and stream the music you want, wherever you are. Our dedicated team of car audio experts will work closely with you to ensure your vehicle turns out better than you expected! 
Beyond car audio, we are able to boost the entertainment and security aspects of your import or domestic vehicle. As a combination mobile and brick and mortar store, we have the capability to come to you to begin your car’s transformative journey. We encourage you to visit Complete Mobile to find out what we can do for your car to enhance your driving experience! Give our team a call at (207) 653-6027 to learn more about our Scarborough mobile audio, security and entertainment shop or to schedule an appointment for service.

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Complete Mobile Blogs

By Jay Gilbert 15 Jan, 2018

One of the most customizable parts of any car, truck or SUV is the audio system. Nearly every new and late model vehicle manufactured since the 1960s has come equipped with a radio, and people have been improving upon the stock systems ever since. There are many parts to these systems, starting with the stock radio and speakers. Let’s look at few of the ways in which to improve upon your car’s stock audio system.

New Speaker System

If you’re looking to improve the sound quality being emitted from your vehicle’s entertainment system you will want to invest in a new speaker system. Now, it isn’t just the speakers that should be replaced, but the amplifier, which increases sound volume overall, and the subwoofer, which helps promote low frequency sounds, such as bass.

Fresh Head Unit

The head unit, which is more commonly referred to as the deck or simply as the radio itself, can be switched out for a better entertainment experience. Modern head units offer many different options, including the ability to sync your phone to the car. Doing so will allow you to conduct hands-free texting, calling, GPS and more.

Satellite Radio

There are several options for increasing your music library in your car. One of those options is subscription based satellite radio. This type of radio offers hundreds of different commercial free channels that broadcast all genres of music, talk radio, sports, news and many other types of programming.

HD Radio

A great way to enhance the sound in your car is to install a dedicated HD tuner. HD, in many cases stands for high definition, but when it comes to radio HD are the initials of hybrid digital. Many FM radio stations broadcast a secondary HD signal because it is less likely to suffer from interference.

Streaming Music

By using your smartphone’s data plan you can tap into a basically unlimited library of streaming music. You can stream directly through your phone and connect your phone via a cable or bluetooth to your car stereo.

Don’t settle for stock audio, take your car to the next level! If you are interested in aftermarket car audio in Scarborough, ME, or the surrounding Maine communities be sure to visit Complete Mobile. We will work with you to ensure your completely satisfied with your mobile audio entertainment system. Give us a call at 207-653-6027 to learn more about mobile audio upgrades in Scarborough today.

By Jay Gilbert 17 Dec, 2017

Of all the gadgets and gizmos that you can purchase and install on your car, one of them has so many benefits, after you get it, it would be hard to picture life without it. A remote car starter is the perfect way to ensure that your commute is as comfortable as possible. Here are seven great benefits to remote car starter installation.

Warm the Car Up

We won’t save the best for last here. A remote car starter is great because you can warm your vehicle up without ever having to leave the heat in your house. No more squirming on cold seats as you wait for the heater to do its job.

Melt the Ice Off the Windshield

You won’t have to worry about scraping the windshield as you rush to get out the door on a chilly morning since you can now run your vehicle’s defroster remotely!

Crank the AC

On the other side of things is dealing with heat. When you purchase a remote starter for your car that offers climate control capabilities then you’ll always be comfortable climbing into your vehicle on a hot day.

Integrated Security

Many remote starting systems offer integrated security systems that ensure nobody is able to get into or drive your car when the remote system starting is operating.

Easy to use Smartphone App

Starting your car from your phone is a real capability these days. You can also choose which type of air to blast into the vehicle to create the most comfortable climate for when you do get behind the wheel.

GPS Tracking

Many systems also include GPS tracking, which can be monitored through the smartphone app. You will never have to worry about finding your car in a busy parking lot, and if it is stolen or towed, you’ll know where to find it.

Improved Driving Experience

All in all, a remote starter is the best way to enhance your driving experience when it comes to comfort!

If you’re interested in installing a remote car starter in Scarborough or the surrounding communities head to Complete Mobile. Our team will help you select the perfect product for your car to give you all the comfort and security you need. To learn more or to request an estimate for car customization in Scarborough give us a call at 207-653-6027 today!

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